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At home spa day kit

At home spa day

For your at home spa day, Kalabash single use bath salt sachets are handmade with relaxing mineral rich Dead Sea & Epsom Salts, fragranced with soothing pure essential oils and decorated with healing botanicals. Coated with moisturising coconut oil to soften the water, leaving you with soft, smooth, skin.




Made with 100% natural ingredients and stylish eco-friendly, recyclable packaging.


Bath salt Customer Reviews

"Those Lemongrass bath salts are fantastic – such a glorious aroma. I’ve taken to leaving the lid off the jar, and using them as a room freshener around the house!"

All the best


I have been using Kalabash for around 2 years now. The quality is incredible, all natural and so good for your skin. This isn’t ‘soap’ as you know it! The bars last well and leave your skin soft. My favourite are the bath oil salts which are luxurious! You get an aromatherapy experience on top of soft, moisturised skin! The jar lasts and lasts as you only need to use a small amount. The candles are amazing and fill the room with a lovely aroma and again, they last longer than most candles. I love these products for myself and they make wonderful gifts too.

Joanne Xx



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