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Merry Christmas to you all from Kalabash. Goal setting in numbers

Merry Christmas from Kalabash Bodycare

I hope 2018 has been a good year for you and that you’re still smiling even if it's been a tough one.

This year’s festive season is one to celebrate here at Kalabash. After spending 12 months planning, researching, formulating, designing and creating, I held my breath and finally launched Kalabash Bodycare, 2 weeks ago. 3 months later than originally planned.

Bullet Journalling

It’s been an incredible and exciting journey with a steep learning curve. There’s still lots to do, but step by step with my trusty bullet journal and Tim Ferris’s 4 Hour Work Week at my side, the goal has been achieved and the brand is out there - at last!

As you may know from an earlier blog post, Kalabash’s first incarnation was back in 2006. But, back then social media and even blogging were new innovations. There was no need to worry about whether a website was responsive or not, as both Iphones and Android were still at the development stage.

The first time around I created a one size fixed all web page which seemed to work. No-one I knew had internet on their phone and I used my old faithful Nokia mobile phone for calls, texts and nothing else.

Seriously, internet life was simpler then and care free. There was no need to worry about having Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or YouTube Accounts, parallax scrolling, GIFs or video (to name but a few) all linking or loaded to your website. Page loading speeds were not an issue, as everything was slower pre Wi-fi. Social Media wasn’t mainstream and Followers and Likes weren’t a measure of success or popularity.


12 years on, the business world has changed, dramatically. I’m sure my fellow introverts will agree, its noisy out there! Don’t get me wrong, I love it - there’s no question that its impact has opened up hundreds of new opportunities for thousands of entrepreneurs around the world in very short timespan.

But, to be fair, I must hold my hands up because when social media did arrive I was no early adopter. I reluctantly opened a Facebook account in 2009 long after everyone I knew at the time. I only joined up because my daughter was about to go travelling and convinced me that Facebook was the easiest way for us to stay in touch. I didn’t touch the account again when she returned home and it sat dormant for nearly 10 years until earlier this year!

On reflection, that was a bad move because in the last few months I’ve been taken well out of my comfort zone. Forced to catch up with a decade of social media innovation in a few months, I’ve had to take several social media crash courses and binge watch hours of YouTube videos. I’ve even dabbled in a little coding. Don’t even start me on Google Analytics and SEO!

What a difference that decade has made. But, in fairness, despite the information overload we all complain about at times, this difference has improved how we reach, engage and stay in touch with others in our personal and business lives. It’s here to stay, is constantly evolving and amazing


2018 in Numbers at Kalabash Bodycare

NB: I couldn’t stretch to an Infographic (I haven’t finished the course) so here are my numbers for 2018 in old school analogue.

16 New products researched developed, certified and approved by a cosmetic scientist

1 Re-brand with logo, brand colours, packaging etc.,

6 Products launched

4 New social media accounts opened

1 New, responsive website designed

1 Revamped business with accompanying blog re-launched

5 Blog posts so far …