Caribbean inspired Artisan Soap,

Bath & Bodycare

for the  ultimate

home spa experience.

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Welcome to Kalabash

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 We add subtle colour to our award winning palm free artisan soap with clays, healing herbs, flowers & spices and fragrance each batch with

therapeutic grade pure essential oils,

to lift your spirit and calm your mind.

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Our slow burning hand poured soy wax candles fragranced with high quality aromatherapy essential oils, will add relaxing and mood boosting tropical essences of the Caribbean to your home and self care routine.


We use a unique blend of six powerful exotic plant based oils and fragrance them with therapeutic grade pure essential oils, to moisturise, firm and brighten your skin - keeping it feeling soft, hydrated and supple

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Our luxurious, Caribbean inspired, sustainable gift sets

are the perfect gift for any occasion when you need to send a present to celebrate, congratulate, say thank you,

get well soon or corporate gifts to show appreciation to your clients or team.

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For the ultimate home spa experience, we’ve combined Dead sea salt crystals with Epsom salts for their mineral-rich therapeutic benefits and coated them with exotic coconut oil to soften the water and moisturise your skin, leaving it feeling soft and silky

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Just for you ...

Kalabash® creates a luxurious range of 

handmade palm free soap,

bath & bodycare products,

soy wax essential oil candles

& eco-friendly gifts.

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Kalabash products are handcrafted in the UK

with care for you,

your friends and loved ones. 


 We combine luxury with sustainable living

by wrapping each product by hand in

eco friendly yet stylish packaging

that makes them a joy to give and receive.

 We select high-quality, and ethically sourced Caribbean inspired,

plant based ingredients including skin nourishing fair trade organic cocoa butter in our

unique award winning soap bar formula

for all skin types.

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User Reviews

"I love, love, love this soap - I have never encountered a soap so creamy and rich - I can only repeat : it is a both a surprise and a delight to use." - 2020 Freefrom Skincare Award Panelist

"I ordered your soaps and lavender oil about 6 months ago and have been using every day since, they are really great. My favourite is the lavender body oil, smells amazing, like a spa! Instantly relaxing! I use it on my face and my skin loves it.  Also the soaps are so brilliant and everything lasts such a long time! I hope you are happy and well. Thanks for the great products, I’ll be placing another order soon!" – Marlene - LONDON

“Gorgeous candles from my favourite soap and candlemaker @kalabashbodycare" David @greyfoxblog - LONDON

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Made in the UK

Inspired by the Caribbean