Our Philosophy

  • Kalabash products are high-quality and artisan, made in small batches.  We try to use as few ingredients as possible and create with honesty care and sustainability in mind.

  • In line with UK legislation, every Kalabash product has been assessed for safety by a qualified Cosmetic Scientist who certifies them as compliant in accordance with the European Cosmetic Regulations, EC 1223/2009.


  • We passionately believe in equality and that everyone should have access to education. We try to help by sourcing Fair Trade Shea Butter which goes into Kalabash products. Doing so enables the women who work so hard to produce it to send their children to school and give them a better future. 































  • We use high quality all-natural renewable ingredients including skin nourishing exotic butters and oils extracted from plants in all our products because we believe in the natural healing powers of plants.  We use food-grade healing herbs, spices and natural mineral clays for colour instead of synthetic dyes and colourants. 


  • We use beneficial pure therapeutic grade essential oils for fragrance as well as their healing, soothing and calming powers to help you feel great at the end of a long day. We choose to avoid synthetic perfume which sometimes contains skin irritants and other potentially harmful ingredients.


  • Because our products are handmade one batch at a time in the UK, we feel we are playing a small role in sustaining the UK artisan craft and manufacturing sectors.


  • We are conscious of the environment and our planet and produce all our products in reusable and recyclable containers and avoid unnecessary wastage during the production process. We try to keep the use of plastic to the bare minimum and only use plastic when more sustainable alternatives are unavailable.


  • Transparency is important to us and so you clearly understand what’s in each of our products, our labels include a complete list of ingredients by their commonly known names and clear directions for use.


  • We try to source our raw materials and packaging from local suppliers as quality and maintaining a small carbon footprint is equally important to us.


  • Because our handcrafted soap is palm free, it doesn't contribute to deforestation or disturb wildlife habitats.  For a lighthearted approach to a serious problem and to find out more about the impact of palm oil and how you can join the cause against deforestation watch Rang-Tan.


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