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Our Values


Inspired by my family heritage from the island of Dominica, everything I do reflects the joy, colour and abundant beauty of the Caribbean.




I’m passionate about the environment and strive to keep the smallest carbon footprint possible. I source local packaging and make sure every Kalabash container is reusable, recyclable and keeps plastic to a bare minimum. 

My soap is all handmade, one batch at a time, and entirely palm-free. That gives you confidence that whatever you buy, you won’t be contributing to deforestation or disturbing natural wildlife habitats.



To me, living well means feeling energised, positive, healthy and empowered for whatever life throws at you. I use all-natural, renewable ingredients,  pure essential oils and food-grade herbs, spices and clays.



Hope & Fairness  

I believe passionately in equality and that everyone should have access to education. I invest in Fairtrade and organic shea butter that guarantees a fair price to the women that toil so hard for it, helping them send their children to school.



I want you to know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. You’ll find an ingredients list on every product with names you’ll recognise as well as clear directions on how to use it. 


Every single bodycare product is assessed for safety and complies with EU Cosmetic Regulation EC 1223 / 2009. That means you can have total confidence and trust in what you’re using.  























Black woan holding soap loaf
Sharron written in script and a kiss

Sharron Jenkins - Owner/Founder - Kalabash®

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