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Dominica - Nature Island of the Caribbean

Kalabash Bodycare is inspired by the natural beauty of Dominica, the aptly named Nature Island of the Caribbean where fresh mangoes, bananas, cocoa, coconuts, oranges, limes, grapefruits, avocados grow in abundance all over the island, earning it the reputation as the breadbasket of the Caribbean.


This Garden of Eden paradise island, with its dense rainforests, hot natural springs, hiking trails, looming mountains, beaches and tropical gardens, watered by freshwater lakes and 365 rivers and streams which crisscross the island is magnificent. (According to Dominican folk law, the island soil is so fertile that a walking stick would sprout leaves after a few days if you left it in the ground)!

Batibou Beach near Calibishie Dominica
Batibou Beach, Dominica, Nature Island of the Caribbean

It's not surprising that Dominica was used as a location for 2 of the Pirates of the Caribbean films.


For ethical eco-tourism and wellness Dominica is hard to beat. Nestled between the Islands of French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe (where the BBC's Death In Paradise is filmed), Dominica is the only Caribbean island with a long-distance hiking trail, the Waitukubuli National Trail. This magnificent hiking trail stretches across the island, 115 miles from its southern coast where on a clear day the hazy shadow of its neighbour, the French island of Martinique, can be viewed from the Scott’s Head Pinnacle, right up to the most northern tip of the island.


You’ll never get bored on your visit, as Dominica has a long list of activities and features to suit every taste including:

Scuba Diving


Whale Watching

Dolphin Watching

Sea Turtle Watching

Birds & Bird Watching

Horse Riding

Yoga retreats

Exotic Tropical Gardens and Farms

Hot natural Springs and Spas

Palm fringed beaches

Natural lakes for fresh water bathing

Dozens of rivers

Numerous Waterfalls and Pools

Green Mountains the highest stands at 4747 feet above sea level

One of the world’s largest Boiling Lakes

Dense Rainforest

Flora and Fauna

National Parks

The warm and inviting Caribbean Sea

The wild and dramatic Atlantic Ocean

Carnivals & Festivals

Sadly, on 19th September 2017 Hurricane Maria toppled and uprooted trees and spread debris all across Dominica, including the Waitukubuli National Trail, making it inaccessible in places. Several lives were lost during the storm and parts of the island were without power for several months. Many Dominicans were left homeless and are currently being re-housed or simply left the island.