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How to use Body Oil

Over the years, I’ve refined and whittled down the number of skin care products in my bathroom. I’ve tested many, many lotions, creams, body butters, lotions, balms, oils, serums and pomades and now use a very select but effective few.

Now that I’m well into middle age and I’m, to coin a phrase, comfortable in my own skin”, I know what my skin likes and doesn’t like, through what has been a long process of trial and error.

Sadly, chocolate is a no, no! It still brings my skin out in painful pimples, leaving me reaching for a bottle of good old reliable Witch hazel or Tea Tree oil!

So, I try to stay clear, by staying clear. But, sometimes the temptation is too much, and I end up paying for my moment of weakness and end up using a thin layer of skin coloured concealer after a chocolate binge for a couple of days!

Versatile multi-tasking beauty products

To avoid waste and overconsumption, I try to stick with natural multi-taskers for my skin and hair care routines.

One of my favourite multi-taskers, along with aloe vera gel and unrefined organic raw shea butter is Kalabash Organic Bath & Body Oil.

This light and fragrant plant-based oil blend is a fantastic moisturiser for the body, face and hair. It’s made with a short exotic ingredient list of organic Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Sunflower Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Papaya Oil. Plus pure essential oils for fragrance.

Avocado oil:

Made from the flesh of avocado fruit, this nourishing oil rich in Vitamins A, D and E and potassium is perfect for dry and ageing skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties help with healing and repairing damaged skin cells and reducing wrinkles.

Coconut oil:

This powerful natural oil is loaded with vitamin E and saturated fat which helps dry skin stay super hydrated and moisturised. It prevents moisture loss through the skin’s pores, giving your skin a healthy, smooth and even tone. It’s light enough to soak into your skin quickly without making it feel greasy, and it works like magic repairing, restoring and soothing your skin as it’s quickly absorbed into the epidermis (the top layer of the skin). As a bonus it has the benefit of being able to penetrate the hair shaft, making it a great hair conditioner whatever your hair type.

Macadamia nut oil:

With high levels of palmitoleic acid-like human sebum (our skin’s natural lubricant) plus protein, Macadamia oil can help with keeping your skin youthful and smooth. It’s also a lifesaver for dry and thirsty afro and curly hair which can be vulnerable to damage from the environment and prone to breakage. Using Macadamia oil can help to restore moisture to the hair shaft and locks it in, making it easier to untangle and style.

Papaya oil:

The oil extracted from this Caribbean delicacy is vitamin-rich and loaded with enzymes to make your complexion brighten and glow and protect it from sun damage and wrinkles. This luxurious oil contains the nutrient-rich compound Papain which can even out your skin tone, reduce dark spots and heal blemishes.

Sunflower oil:

Light, super moisturising and high in Vitamin E, A and D, humble yet effective Sunflower oil helps seal in moisture but allows the skin to breathe.


Sweet Almond oil:

Softening and moisturising Sweet Almond oil can also help to soothe inflammation and itchy or irritated skin. It also hydrates fine hair, and the scalp prevents moisture loss and repairs damage and dryness.

Vitamin E:

Keeps the oil fresh, and its powerful antioxidant properties can help fight and protect skin against free radicals which can damage and age your skin.


On your hair:

Pre-shampoo deep conditioning treatment -

As an overnight deep conditioning pre-shampoo hair treatment, divide hair as above and then squeeze a full pipette of oil from roots to ends before bed, and then cover your hair with a satin bonnet/sleep cap. Shampoo out the following morning.

After shampoo leave-in conditioner -

Starting from the ends of dry hair, use the oil as a leave-in conditioner by squeezing a few drops into your pa