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Why handmade soap is best

According to several recent reports bar soap is on trend!

Zero waste lifestyle

Environmentally conscious consumers around the world are serious about making their homes and bathrooms plastic free by ditching liquid soap and their plastic containers. In an earlier blog post I covered a few other steps on how we can all can make a difference to the planet by reducing our plastic waste.

An article written by the Daily Telegraph in 2019 revealed that for the first time in a century, bar soap is making a comeback in British bathrooms and is emerging as a luxurious, and altogether classier and eco-friendly alternative to bottled soaps.

Zero waste and eco-friendly living is gaining momentum, as consumers make an effort to save the planet.


Although soap is an everyday item, it holds a special allure. It’s both practical and luxurious. Nothing beats the safety and warmth of a soak in the bath for a bit of escapism at the end of a long day.


Kalabash handmade soap

Kalabash creates premium palm free artisa soap using the traditional cold process soap making method and ingredients inspired by the Caribbean. Our goal is that your bath and/or shower is an environmentally friendly tropical indulgence, which doesn’t dry out your skin.

Kalabash handmade soap contains skin nourishing natural ingredients and stay clear of fillers and foaming agents. Both can can dry out your skin so you'll need to moisturise it more often, and can also cause allergic reactions for some.

Kalabash handmade soap is loaded with exotic plant oils and mood boosting pure aromatherapy grade essential oils for natural fragrance. As well as their natural aroma, the essential oils used are antibacterial and anti-fungal which give additional benefits.

To care for your skin, the base formula is blended with olive oil which gently moisturises your skin with its velvety stable lather. Cleansing coconut oil cleans and softens your skin, and a splash of moisture-retaining castor oil makes big luxurious bubbles. As an extra bonus, nourishing mango butter and hydrating organic cocoa butter hardens the soap making a long-lasting bar for you to enjoy time after time.

  • Kalabash handmade soap is hand cut and hand stamped

  • Kalabash handmade soap is hand wrapped in stylish biodegradable packaging.

  • Kalabash handmade soap is zero waste

  • Kalabash soap is 100% natural

  • Kalabash soap is vegan

  • Kalabash soap is cruelty free