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Coconut shell soap dish

This hand finished eco-friendly coconut shell soap dish will prevent your Kalabash Bodycare artisan soap from going soft and mushy as it allows air to circulate around the soap, and any water to drain out of the holes in the bottom, making your soap last longer.


This natural coconut soap dish, made from a recycled coconut shell, will compliment your plastic-free bathroom and is completely biodegradable. What better way store your 100% natural soap bars?


We absolutely adore these natural coconut soap dishes, what a perfect and resourceful way to make use of natural coconut shells which might otherwise go to waste? These coconut shell soap dishes make lovely gifts especially paired up with our natural soap bars.


• 100% natural

• Biodegradable and eco-friendly

• Plastic-free


Approximately 10cm x 8cm


NB: Because this is a natural product the colour shape and sizes vary slightly

Coconut shell soap dish

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