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Self care gift set - Kalabash Bodycare

This handmade soap gift set is the perfect treat for you or someone else for an ultimate home spa experience. With stylish and sustainable packaging, each product is handmade with exotic and natural plant-based ingredients and fragranced with mood booting pure essential oils which evoke Caribbean escapism for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home.


Each Kalabash selfcare gift set contains:


1 x 120ml soy wax candle

1 x Bath Salt Sachet - single use

1 x Large 120g palm free bar of artisan soap


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Selfcare Gift Set

  • Looking after your soap:

    • Our testers say that Kalabash soap lasts for several weeks with daily use. For optimum longevity, place your soap on a soap dish/stand between uses.
    • Take it travelling, or to the gym.  Just pop the bar into a cotton soap bag, use, replace and hang bag somewhere airy to dry out.


    Heads up:

    Every micro batch of Kalabash soap is handcrafted just for you, so there may be some variation in colour shape and size of each hand-finished bar.

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