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How to use lavender oil for sleep and relaxation ...

Tia wanted to find out more to help her choose a product that suited her needs and sent in an email with a question about Kalabash® Relaxing - Lavender Blend Organic Bath/Body Oil.

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Tia's question was...

"Hello, I am wondering if this product be used on the face and will the lavender help with relaxation/sleep? "
Thanks 😊

First of all a massive thank you to Tia for sending in the question, it's always so good to hear from customers with your questions, reviews and suggestions. Please keep them coming.


My reply to Tia and advice on how to use

Kalabash Organic Bath/Body oil

"Good morning Tia,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Kalabash® organic body oils have been assessed for safety by a qualified cosmetic scientist and are safe to use all over the body including the face. But you should do a patch test if you are particularly sensitive to any of the ingredients which are listed in the product description.

In this blog post I cover how Lavender essential oil is used in aromatherapy for helping with sleep and relaxation. I would suggest adding a few drops of the organic bath/bodyoil to your bath water or a couple of drops on your hands and the upside of each wrist before bedtime. Please read this blog post for more information and ideas on how to use Kalabash bath/body oils.

I hope this helps, and please get in touch again with any questions."



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