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Ways to use shea butter

Raw shea butter is also known as Karite butter has been used in skincare for centuries because of its natural healing and moisturising properties.

Benefits for skin:

Unlike petroleum-based moisturisers such as mineral oils found in many cosmetics, vegan-friendly unrefined pure shea butter can restore the skin's natural elasticity.

Pure shea butter is also a natural humectant which means it enables our skin and hair to absorb moisture from the air, so it becomes softer and stays moisturised for longer. This is particularly beneficial if you have dry skin or, delicate, afro or curly hair.

As well as protecting and hydrating your skin during the winter months, shea butter is a natural sunscreen on sunny days and loaded with anti-inflammatory agents, making it effective for sore/blemished skin.

It contains vitamin A which can improve many skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis.

It’s also rich in anti-ageing vitamin E, which also doubles up as a natural preservative that lengthens its life and helps to stop it going rancid.


100% natural and unprocessed:

Unlike processed shea butter which is extracted, deodorised and manufactured using chemicals and preservatives, unrefined shea butter is not stripped of its natural fragrance or healing properties, so it keeps its natural skincare benefits and vitamins as well as its characteristic natural but not unpleasant nutty scent.

Once you smell pure natural shea butter, you’ll always recognise it!

If you prefer, you can always add natural fragrance with a few drops of therapeutic grade and mood-boosting pure essential oil. Lavender is always a good choice.


How to use shea butter:

Although raw shea butter can sometimes feel quite firm to the touch, it has a low melting point and soon melts on contact with your skin. Just rub it between your hands and it begins to melt.

• Soapmaking

• Itchy skin

• Eczema

• Blemishes

• Wrinkles

• Stretch marks

• Nappy rash

• Dandruff

• Dry, chapped lips

• Dry, chapped skin, especially hands, elbows, heels, knees.

• Curly/Afro haircare


Diy Beauty

Raw shea butter is easy to get hold of and makes an excellent base for your diy beauty recipes.