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Why Ka-la-bash?

Kalabash Bodycare is named after the Calabash tree (Crescentia cujete) because this tree’s versatility is so impressive and just like the Kalabash ethos - nothing goes to waste. A native evergreen in the Caribbean, Africa, Central & South America, it grows up to 8 metres and flowers throughout the year.

Its magnificence really is a sight to behold when in flower and later when fruiting as the fruit grow directly from nodes on the branches and all over the trunk alongside beautiful wild orchids which germinate and cascade down with their roots exposed to draw moisture from the air.

Botanical illustration calabash tree in flower

At night the Calabash tree produces huge purple tinged funnel shaped fragrant flowers which are pollinated by bats.

The flowers fade by noon the following day and are immediately replaced by fresh blooms in time for the bats’ next feed.

If that isn’t enough for one small tree:

  • The large round gourd like fruit are inedible and take up to six months to ripen. For centuries these have been decoratively carved and used for as water jugs, pipes, spoons, ladles, bowls, musical instruments etc.

A painted calabash - found in an antiques shop in the historical market town of St. Neots Cambridgeshire UK - inspired the Kalabash logo.

  • The hard wood can be used for making tools, pipes, handles and in the past boats

  • The leaves, pulp and bark have medicinal powers.

What a performer! The name sounds nice too – almost musical!


Until next time ...


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