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Unscented soap award winning for eczema dry skin and baby skin

Simple yet nourishing, this gentle unscented palm free handcrafted soap  is award winning.  With a rich and gentle lather,  this mini soap cube can be used on very sensitive skin and dry skin.  It's gentle enough to use as baby soap and is made with the exceptional Kalabash blend of pure moisturising exotic fruit oils including coconut, olive, castor bean, mango and cocoa butter for their skin cleansing, softening & moisturising properties.


With luxurious vitamin rich and nurturing unrefined organic African Shea Butter loaded with antioxidants and gentle hydrating sunflower oil. This skin nourishing bar is pure, uncoloured and unscented.  


Suitable for dry and/or highly sensitive eczema-prone skin, new mothers and delicate baby skin.  

A unique vegan wedding favour, corporate gift or guest soap for your boutique hotel or B&B!


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Naked Pearl - Unscented Artisan Mini Soap Cube

    • What sets Kalabash soap apart from others is the nourishing mango butter and hydrating organic cocoa butter which we use instead of unsustainable palm oil to harden our soap. This makes a luxuriously rich, long-lasting bar for you to enjoy again and again.
    • As Kalabash likes to keep everything natural, we use herbs, flowers, spices and minerals to colour our soap.
    • We take great pride in making our soap look special, whether it's a treat for you or someone else:  Each soap cube is carefully individually hand-cut, hand-stamped and then exquisitely hand wrapped, origami-style, in one small square of zero waste biodegradable folded paper without using tape or glue.


    Made from:

    Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Mango Butter, Castor Oil, Organic Unrefined Cocoa Butter, Charcoal powder and a proprietary blend of pure essential oils.  


    Weight: 60g


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