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It's Carnival time in the Caribbean!

Did you know that along with the famous Rio Mardi Gras in Brazil, February is the month when several Caribbean islands come alive with vibrant colours, infectious music, and energetic dancing?


What is Carnival About?

Carnival originated from the European tradition of celebrating before the period of fasting and abstinence known as Lent. When European colonisers brought enslaved Africans to the Caribbean, they let them keep some of their cultural customs, including their traditional festivals and parades. Over time, these traditions merged with European festivities and evolved into the vibrant and unique Caribbean carnivals we know today.

Each Caribbean island has its own distinct carnival celebration, characterised by its music, costumes, and traditions. February marks the peak of Carnival season across the Caribbean, including Curaçao, Dominica, Guyana, Martinique, Puerto Rico, St Maarten and Trinidad & Tobago ....


Trinidad's Carnival is one of the most famous in the Caribbean, known for its elaborate costumes, soca music, and energetic street parades. It usually takes place in February with events lasting several days leading up to Ash Wednesday.

 In Martinique the "King Carnival" celebration takes place on Ash Wednesday where a massive bonfire is built and King Vaval, "The King of Carnival," which is made out of reeds, wood and other flammable materials is burned as an effigy! 

In Dominica, aka "The Nature Island ion the Caribbean," and inspiration behind Kalabash®, Carnival, known as Mas Domnik, is a unique celebration featuring traditional dances, music, and costumes influenced by the island's African and indigenous population the Kalinago people. Events include an opening parade, calypso competitions, and street parties against the backdrop of the island's lush tropical landscapes.

Carnival scene in Dominica colourful with people on stilts
Image created by Ambo Visuals


Experience the Spirit of Caribbean Carnival

with Kalabash®

Celebrate the Carnival season with Kalabash® and experience the vibrant spirit of the islands. Our handmade soaps and candles are crafted with natural ingredients and tropical scents that capture the essence of the Caribbean. From refreshing coconut and lime to exotic mango and papaya, our products will transport you to the festive atmosphere of carnival.


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