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New Year New goals


Settling into the New Year

I can't quite believe we're in the middle of January already!  And guess what? Even though I've read lots of advice from knowledgeable business advisors about goal setting and time management, I don't have my year mapped out yet.   But, I do have a few things jotted down and my goal is is to take some time in the next couple of weeks (at least before February) to plan out the first quarter of the year.

Sometimes, I find that writing things down makes me accountable and gives me the push I need to get moving.

My thoughts on turning 60!

2020 sounds a bit futuristic and scary to me.  I think it's because this is the decade in which I'll be turning 60.  I can't believe how this has happened or where the time has gone -  but I'm grateful to still be around and am planning and making the most of the 2020s by keeping fit, staying healthy and fulfilled in life.


Reflecting on last year

I started last year with an ambitious list of goals for Kalabash.  Some of them were ticked off and accomplished, but others have crept on to the 2020 list - which is a bit disappointing to me.  But, I'm trying to stay positive and not dwell too much on what I didn't do last year - which is never a good idea.  

Highlights from last year

  • I created and launched several new products including:   3 Organic bath/body oils, A range of 6 mini artisan soap cubes, plus 5 essential oil soy wax candles which were a big hit over Christmas.

  • Won a Green Parent Magazine Best Buy Award for the Naked Pearl Artisan soap which is the base for the entire Kalabash soap collection.

  • Made all the stock, planned and showed up at 30 live events where I met customers face to face which was great. 

  • Started a part-time job at the Open University - my side hustle which adds some well-needed balance.

  • Donated to the Help for Dominica Charity.

  • Took time out and travelled to Granada in Spain and Budapest in Hungary with my husband.

  • Worked on my new shampoo bar formula.  This is still a work in progress as I'm finding it hard to track down a palm-free conditioning agent. So, the search goes on because being a vegan and completely palm free brand is a priority.

  • I'm a bit late to the party, I know, but I discovered some amazing Podcasts!

Finding more balance in 2020

To keep me grounded, I've chosen to focus my goals around the word balance for 2020.  I got the idea from the January episode of the Grow with Soul Podcast.

With lessons learned from last year, and balance in mind, my main goal for 2020 is to divide my time more equally between my creative business and my home life.

What's your word for 2020?  

Whatever it is - Happy New Year to you!

Until next time ...

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