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Benefits of candles at home

Lighting a candle can bring to your home an atmosphere which induces calm and a sense of wellbeing which can help you sleep, feel less stressed, ignite your energy levels and boost your mood.

I’ve put together this easy to follow guide so you can get the most out of your soy wax candles for as long as possible.

When you need a bit of a pick-me-up to help you through to the end of Winter, nothing beats a soul-warming and slow-burning, eco-friendly essential oil candle with a spicy base.

On Summer evenings zesty and floral essential oil blends are pure joy especially when infused with a hint of Caribbean coconut!

Not only do candles fill your home with fragrance, but pure aromatherapy oils can also evoke feelings of relaxation and wellbeing, explained in this blog article.

With plenty of brands to choose from, whatever your budget, you'll be spoilt for choice. According to The Guardian, and Business Matters magazine the UK candle market is on fire!

As we don't have money to burn. Here are a few simple candle care tips to make your candles last longer:


The first burn:

  • Burning your candle for ½ an hour when you first get it so you can “see what it smells like” is not a good idea as this can spoil the shape.

  • A short first burn is key. It will allow the wax to spread and melt evenly across the surface and side of the container. A little bit of extra care and patience will encourage the candle to burn evenly for 2-4 hours, depending on its size.

  • The best thing to do is light it and then let it burn for at least 1 hour until the entire surface has melted. Once the wax has re-set and cooled, you can light it again for up to 4 hours.

  • Don’t be tempted to miss this step out, as this will help to stop your candle from tunnelling (forming a pool of melted wax around the wick while the edges of the candle stay solid). This can shorten its life.

Safety first:

  • To prevent your candle from over-heating Only burn it for up to 4 hours at a time. If you want to use it all day, extinguish it after 4 hours. Let the wax cool and re-set before re-lighting it.


  • Place your candle on an even surface away from draughts/drafts. Movement of the flame from draughts can make the flame flicker and cause small soot deposits which can shorten the burn time.

Wick trimming:

  • Always keep the wick trimmed to about 5mm. A longer wick will give a long, flickering flame which can crack the container. Check over the wick before each use. Trim it with a wick trimmer, and clean out any candle debris or matches before re-lighting your candle


  • To seal in the fragrance of the essential oils and keep out dust, cover the candle with the lid provided between uses.

The last burn:

  • It’s best not to burn the last 5mm of wax as this can get very hot and risks cracking the container. Let the last 5mm of wax harden, break it up by cracking it with a spoon and tip it out. As soy wax is biodegradable, you can dispose of it safely and then reuse the container.


Soy candles are a great way to mark special occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, house warmings, thank you gifts and Christmas.

They can also be the perfect way to treat yourself to something sensual, stylish and distinctive!


Until next time ...

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2 x 120ml soy wax essential oil candles

2 x 120ml soy wax essential oil candles


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