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Spring Equinox - A time for celebration!

The birds are singing again as life is about to get better for everyone in the northern hemisphere because today is the Spring Equinox, the astronomical first day of Spring 2021!

Black sleep mask on bed for blog on sleep disorders

This means that from now on there'll be an equal balance of daylight and nighttime hours. Joy! 🌞🌞🌞


World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day is an annual event established by The World Sleep Society which is held on the eve of the Spring Equinox which is any time from 19th to 21st March.

Worlds Sleep day celebrates the benefits of good and healthy sleep, draws attention to the impact of sleep problems and promotes the prevention and management of sleep disorders.


woman sleeping for Kalabash blog on #wordsleepday

Sleep disorders

According to the BBC, recent studies have shown a surge in sleep problems brought about by the lifestyle and mental health disruptions of COVID 19 and Lockdown.


Why sleep is important

Personally, I've noticed that the most popular post on the Kalabash blog is a post I wrote back in 2019 about sleep problems, why sleep is important, how aromatherapy with pure essential oils can help and several ways to use them.

See extract from the blog below

"As you probably already know, getting enough sleep is a priority for our health and well-being. Worryingly, a surveys taken in 2017 revealed that two thirds (38%) of UK adults suffer from disrupted sleep and nearly a quarter (23%) manage no more than five hours a night.


Essential oils for stress and anxiety

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is one of the best essential oils for relieving stress and anxiety as well as inducing sleep, because it’s made up of deeply relaxing compounds. Several studies have found Lavender essential oil to be effective in relieving anxiety, inducing calm, improving sleep quality and treating insomnia

Kalabash Bodycare Relaxing body oil with lavender essential oil.   Flatlay on wooden table with lavender, and rosemary


Sleep well!


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